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About Ena.


Ena Marley is the stage name of Almudena Longares, a talented songwriter from Madrid, Spain, which a distinctive creative style and sharp wit, making her one of the most original musicians of our era.

From a young age, Ena immersed herself in the world of music, studying piano and Western classical music.


However, she quickly discovered her passion for storytelling through song, finding solace in sharing her life experiences with those around her. This drive led her to receive a scholarship from Berklee College of Music, where she honed her skills in jazz, improvisation, and production, gaining a profound understanding of the international music industry.

With a rich repertoire of music to her name, Ena's latest album, "Magic Jazz Masalas," is a captivating blend of jazz, folk, and swing. Despite her classical piano background, her music retains a unique flair, often veering towards theatrical and humorous themes, evident in tracks like "Where is the Money?" and "Me Quieren Joder la Primavera."


Yet, alongside her whimsical compositions, Ena also delves into more introspective and emotive pieces, such as "Pompas de Jabón" and her poignant cover of "Ojalá." Through her music, Ena invites listeners on a journey filled with nostalgia and melancholy where past and future blends on art.






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